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Are you looking to get a flower bouquet for your loved ones to celebrate a special occasion such as anniversary, birthday or graduation but is unsure of the type of flowers to get as there are so many choices and types available?
Fret not, as First Sight SG will help you to make the perfect choice with this article here by listing out the most popular flower types which we actually use to craft out our beautiful fresh flower bouquets and pretty dried flower bouquets.


Pretty Red Rose Dried Flower Bouquet by First Sight SG Best Florist
One of the most popular flower types used for flower bouquets since the past, roses have a very long and colourful history. The flower is widely known to symbolise love and romance and is often used in flower bouquets for your loved ones during Valentine's Day or anniversary celebration. 
What does the different colours of roses symbolises?
  • Red roses symbolises love and romance, perfect for anniversary, proposal
  • White roses symbolises purity, innocence and chastity, perfect for weddings and ceremonies
  • Pink roses symbolises admiration, grace, gratitude and joy, perfect for showing appreciation for your loved ones
  • Purple or Lilac roses symbolises adoration, fascination or simply "love at first sight", perfect for telling that special one that you are in love with her
Recommended Pretty Flower Bouquet with Rose


Pretty Hydrangea Dried Flower Bouquet by First Sight Singapore Best Florist
Another well loved flower type that are commonly used for pretty dried flower bouquets, hydrangea represents beauty, grace and gratitude. It is also associated with expressing your heartfelt regret at something according to Japanese legend.
Thus, the flower is great for many different occasions including heartfelt moments, saying thanks as well as apologies.
What does the different colours of hydrangea symbolises?
  • Purple or Lilac hydrangeas symbolises a strong desire to know and understand more about your special one
  • White hydrangeas symbolises feeling proud of someone 
  • Pink hydrangeas symbolises deep emotional feeling for a particular person or event
Recommended Pretty Flower Bouquet with Hydrangea


Most Popular Flower Type - Pretty Sunflower Fresh Flower Bouquet by First Sight SG
With its symbolism of adoration, positivity and loyalty, the sunflower is definitely one of the most popular flower types that you may find in a beautiful fresh flower bouquet. The flower is unique as it tend to position itself towards the sun, implying its ability to provide vibrancy, energy and joy to someone's day.
A sunflower bouquet is usually the best bouquet to send to your loved ones for their graduation or convocation ceremony, highlight the joy and optimism for the day.
Recommended Pretty Flower Bouquet with Sunflower


Popular Tulips Flower Bouquet - Milk Tea - By First Sight SG Best Florist
The next popular flower type used for some of our most beautiful flower bouquets is tulips, which has the meaning of perfection and deep love.
It is a flower that has been loved for multiple centuries and is the best option to give to the person whom you have a unconditional and unwavering love for, be it your children, parents, spouse or relatives.
Recommended Pretty Flower Bouquet with Tulips


Pretty Tanacetum Daisy Flower Basket Sunshine by First Sight SG Best Florist
Another perennial flower type which is popular amongst the ladies is the daisies, which represents innocence and purity according to a an old legend.
It is the perfect flower to cheer or brighten up someone's day , given its vibrant colours. It exist in different varieties in which one of the most popular one will be the gerbera daisies which comes in a range of bright colours and are usually larger in size. 
Recommended Pretty Flower Basket with Daisies

Baby Breath 

Pretty Dried Baby Breath Flower Bouquet by First Sight SG Best Florist
Finally, joining the list of popular flower type being used for our pretty dried flower bouquets is the baby breath, which signifies everlasting love, purity, compassion and trust for your loved ones. It is most often used as a flower filler and has its history dated all the way back to 1800s in the America.
The perennial flower is one of the best dried flower as it will easily dry out beautifully for display at indoor spaces such as your home or office. Thus, it is the perfect gifts for your closed friends or relatives.
 Recommended Pretty Flower Bouquet with Baby Breath