Best Gifts for Father's Day 2021 - Flowers Edition

With Father's Day falling on 20th June this month, it is time to start thinking about the best gift for your dad. Always serving as a reliable pillar of strength behind your mum, siblings and you, protecting and supporting the entire family throughout all the years, it is the time of the year to show your appreciation for the effort and sacrifice that your father/daddy has put in for you and the family.

As a flower gift is not just limited to the ladies, we have curate a list of our very own Father's Day flowers collection which are suitable for the best daddy in the world for your consideration below. Make your Dad smile by selecting the best gift that First Sight SG has to offer for this Father's Day. :)

1) Everlasting Love - Blue Marble Jar (Father's Day Edition)

Everlasting Love - Blue Marble Jar with Preserved Flowers and Love You Dad Topper

An exquisite elegant arrangement of everlasting khaki rose with premium mixed preserved flowers in a stylish blue marble jar.

The Everlasting Love - Blue Marble Jar is specially designed to be in a light blue colour theme which symbolises good health and tranquility. Thus, it will surely make a perfect gift for your daddy this Father's Day, especially after adding on a "Love You Dad" topper to show your appreciation for him.

2) Everlasting Love Preserved Flowers Photo Frame - Blue

Preserved Flowers Photo Frame with Customised Family Photo - Blue

There is no better unique gift that will touch your daddy than an elegant wooden photo frame decorated with premium preserved flowers in a blue colour theme which is customised with your very own family photo taken together. 

The beautifully customised Everlasting Love Preserved Flowers Photo Frame - Blue lends a decadent and eternal frame for your special memories between your father and your family.

3) Everlasting Love Regular - Blue 

Everlasting Preserved Flower Bouquet with Blue Roses

A upgraded version of our bestselling regular blue preserved flower bouquet that symbolises everlasting family love. Our blue colour Everlasting Love Regular preserved flower bouquet makes a great gift choice for your father while pleasing the eyes of your mum and you at the same time. 

Looking for a larger version of the bouquet? We have deluxe version of the bouquet which comes with 3 roses - Everlasting Love Deluxe - Provence

4) Everlasting Marble Vase Arrangement (Caramel)

Everlasting Preserved Flowers Marble Vase Arrangement - Best Gift for Father's Day

If your father is someone who loves to decorate the house or living room and loves uniquely designed flowers, our Everlasting Marble Vase Arrangement (Caramel) will make a good gift choice this Father's day as the premium preserved flowers vase arrangement is perfect for any home, rooms or spaces with the everlasting flowers being able to last for up to a year. 

The white colour marble vase symbolises peace and safety, representing how often you have turn to your dad for advice and protection while it also have a positive connection with a father's happiness with their children's success.

5) Everlasting Love Regular - Charming in Blue

Everlasting Love Regular Charming in Blue Flower Bouquet - Father's Day

Another preserved flower bouquet that symbolises everlasting family love, this time wrapped in a black wrapping with a dark blue colour theme. Our Everlasting Love Regular - Charming in Blue flower bouquet is a perfect gift for your father to tell them how charming they are in your eyes. 

The elegant dark blue colour represents loyalty and knowledge, depicting how often you turn to your dad for answers to difficult situations while the black colour of the wrapping represents authority and strength which show the amount of respect that you have for the head of the household.