Best Flower Gift for 520 Day - I Love You - 我爱你

Waiting for a special date to receive or send flowers to your loved ones after 14th Feb, Valentine's Day? Look no further than the upcoming 20th May, which is the equivalent of the Chinese Valentine's Day due to the initials of the date, 05/20.

Origin of 520 Day - I Love You - 我爱你

The special meaning of the day first started when the Chinese used the term "520" to abbreviate for "I Love You" and "我爱你" due to its similar sound in Chinese. Celebrate the day by having a beautiful flower bouquet or a pretty blooming cube/box delivered to your loved ones.

Best Flower Bouquets and Blooming Cube/Box for 520 Day

Being one of the best florist in Singapore with reliable flower delivery and great service, below is a list of products by First Sight SG which you can get to surprise your beloved partner on the significant day to tell them "I Love You".


1) Everlasting Love - Blooming Cube 

Candy Pink Blooming Cube with Pretty Preserved Flowers

An exquisite delicate arrangement of premium preserved flowers bloom box in a crystal clear acrylic cube, the blooming cube is available in 2 colour themes - Candy Pink and Lilac.  Being Singapore's first bloom box in a cube, this is a perfect gift for your loved ones.


2) Everlasting Love - Deluxe Flower Bouquets

Pretty Red Preserved Rose Flower Bouquet

A pretty deluxe flower bouquet that symbolises everlasting love. The bouquet is available in many colour variations, ranging from Pink, Red, Blue, Lilac, Mellow to Velvet and consists of preserved roses, preserved carnation, hydrangea, caspia, preserved baby breath, bunny tails and other seasonal foliage from Japan & Italy. 


3) Everlasting Love - Mini Bloom Box 

Pretty Mini Bloom Box in Pink Colour with Preserved Rose

A perk-me-up mini bloom box for any day and is in the perfect size to be placed on any desk. This is again available in a wide range of colour themes - Pink, Champagne, Earl Grey, Blue, Ruby and Coral.


4) Everlasting Love - Geranium Letter Bloom Box

David Austin Letter Bloom Box for 520 Day

A letter bloom box which symbolises everlasting love. The premium david austin preserved roses in the bloom box are from natural, high-quality floral breeds using state-of-the-art technology. Bloom box consists of premium David Austin preserved roses, preserved carnation, hydrangea, cotton flower, caspia, bunny tails, eucalyptus and other seasonal foliage from Japan and Italy.